Back home again in Indiana


Downtown Shelbyville

The past couple of days have been jarring.  I spent Saturday at my last of five 12 hour shift with Homeland Security, and jumped into the already loaded van to head back to Indiana.  It was a nine hour drive, at the end of which I fell into my own bed with my head on my own pillow and sank into blissful sleep for six hours.  Woke up and went to Mass at St. Joe’s across the street from my house in Shelbyville.  I’m home, I’m home, I’m home.

The sermon  at Mass was by the St. Meinrad’s seminarian, a transitional deacon on his way to ordination as a priest, and he focused on the Eucharistic message of the gospel reading.  It was a great sermon.  Afterward, we spend the day relaxing.  I mowed the yard.  I has a smoothie for lunch and we ate dinner at Fazoli’s.  Tawnya got back on a bicycle again for the first time since her knee surgery almost eleven weeks ago, and we rode for a couple of miles.

I start orientation for my new job on Wednesday in Indianapolis.

The view, again, will be different than it was in D.C. just like when we came back from there in 2010.  I’m trading monuments, population density and awesome bike infrastructure for corn, tractors, and wide open spaces.

I am happy to be back.

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