Book resolution

booksI made a resolution today.  Really, it was just a minute ago.  I have a huge library of books.  All kinds of topics, you’d be amazed.  My resolution is that I’m going to read a book, then give it away.  My town recently introduced the “Little Free Library” and I’m going to donate them there, so others in town can enjoy them.  I am going to do this over and over again, until my library is the right size.  How long will that take?  Hard to say.  I know one thing, when I was in Virginia, I never watched television.  Being “back home again in Indiana” has been a different story. There are different dynamics when I’m with the family than when I was away.  My “must see TV” shows now consist of Doctor Who and Fear the Living Dead.  I can make excuses to waste time watching the tiny house revolution shows, the treehouse shows, COPS, and any flavor of doing really cool off-the-grid stuff in Alaska shows, but I have to stop that.  I read more in Virginia, and I have to return to that.

That, and I’ve also become a for-the-most-part convert to eBooks, primarily read on my Kindle Paperwhite.  When I hike the Appalachian Trail or do a cross-country bike ride, I’ll take the Paperwhite.  But anyhow…

The books will be read and dispatched.  Want any of them?  Check the “what I’m reading” section of my webpage/blog and tell me you want a certain title.  I’ll send it to you, Media Mail.

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