Dehydrating Healthy Trail Food

One of the big struggles that you face when you’re out on the trail is balancing nutrition with the amount of calories that you need being as active as you are when you’re hiking. A lot of people turn to instant meals that are loaded with preservatives, tuna packets, peanut butter, tortillas and such. One of the problems with doing this is that a lot of this stuff really isn’t the best for us and we miss out on nutrients that we shouldn’t be getting away from when we’re out on the trail for an extended period of time.

Having some deep discussions on this topic recently, my father and I have been batting around the idea of dehydrating out own food prior to taking off for Springer Mountain when we start the AT, stockpiling the food and having it mailed to certain locations every week or so, so that we can pick it up and resupply at our designated spots along the way.

So with this in mind I’ve been looking for some recipes and tips on how to dehydrate and store your own healthy food. Which ultimately led me to Chef Glenn, The Backpacking Chef and this gem of a website. So I thought I’d share the link.


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