Topo Gee Go!

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.02.35 AMLook at any list of essential hiking gear, and you’ll always find the standard fallback “map and compass.” Yeah, I know. I have my nifty GPS gadget and half a dozen apps on my mobile device that can get me to the nearest town or road crossing. What if there’s a solar storm? What if your beloved iPhone takes a drink in the creek? What if you’re left to your own devices without your devices, in a trackless forest you’ve never hiked before?

That map and compass could save your life or limb. “But it’s a pain in the behind to find good topographical maps!” you say. Not anymore. Fist bumps to Nat Geo for placing their entire U.S. library of topos here:

What is your excuse now, Lewis? How about you, Clark? As an emergency manager and sometimes event planner, I know the value of a good adventure action plan. Not only should you print your grids out and slide them into your pack, now it is super easy to leave a copy with your adventure point of contact, too. Just so that you are both, as they say, on the same sheet of grid squares.

Now get out there and hike something! Happy trails.

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