Bakers Grove Trail at Long Hunter State Park

Bakers Grove is a moderately trafficked 4 mile loop trail in Long Hunter State Park just outside of Nashville, TN. Walking at a leisurely pace and stopping to take in all of the great views of the lake we still finished in under two hours. But if you stay on trail and keep an average walking pace, this could easily be done in around an hour.

The trail is very flat and spends a good amount of time tracing the eastern bank of the J. Percy Priest Lake, but it offers a few hills and rock fields along the dirt path that make for some good pictures. All in all this is a great trail if you’re looking for a quick workout with access to water that is close to Nashville.

Since relocating to Tennessee in April I’ve been extraordinarily busy with travel and getting settled in a new place. But this will be the first of many trails that I’ll be exploring in the coming months, now that things are slowing down again. As always, I’m posting some of my favorite pictures from the trip below.

Directions and further details are provided in the link below.

Happy Trails!


2 thoughts on “Bakers Grove Trail at Long Hunter State Park

  1. This trail is not “lightly trafficked.” Perhaps on the day you hiked the trail there weren’t many people on the trail with you. There may be certain days or times of the year in which traffic is lighter. However, other times of the year and on many weekends both parking areas are full and cars are lined up and down Baker’s Grove Rd and illegally parking in residents’ yards. That’s not what I would consider lightly-trafficked.

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    • Thanks for the information. This definitely wasn’t the case when we were there at 10am yesterday (Sunday). It was pretty warm and humid and there were a lot of people on the lake. I’m sure during the cooler weekends it can get busy.


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